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Fall means more than pumpkin spice lattes and turkey meals on Thanksgiving. It doesn't just mean that winter is coming, but it signifies change. Leaves change from green to yellow, orange and red. Temperature drops from blistering heat to slightly cooler. We even change our wardrobe from t-shirts and shorts, to sweaters and cozy scarves.
One thing people often forget they can change is their home décor! It can be fun to add touches of fall to celebrate the season.

Here are four ways to bring the vibrant colours and coziness indoors:

1. Pinecones

These are a completely inexpensive way to tastefully bring the outdoors inside. Pinecones can be thrown into a glass vase as a nice centerpiece. They can make a nice wreath to hang, or even a garland to go over a shelf or fireplace mantle. 

2. Pumpkins

We all know that Halloween and pumpkins are synonymous, but why should we limit them to that? Their bright orange colour screams fall and practically begs to be used as décor. They can be painted, drawn on, carved, or just sit there and still look amazing.

3. Do-It-Yourself Signs

A painted pallet or piece of wood with a saying can give a certain rustic charm. The great thing about a sign is you can make it personal with a saying specific to you and your family, or it can be generic to celebrate the season.

4. Lanterns

For those who don't mind investing a little bit of money in their fall décor, lanterns are fantastic. Fill them with pumpkins, pinecones, candles, or leaves, and use them outdoors as a centrepiece or indoors on the mantle. They are so versatile and beautiful!

Happy fall and happy decorating!

By Helen Harder, REALTOR® at CENTURY 21 Grande Prairie Realty Inc.

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